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Open air photo booth against a white background.  The open air photo booth is a traditional pedestal style booth.

An open air photo booth has no physical enclosure. Instead, this pedestal-style booth is set up in a designated area, with props and accessories available for guests to use in their photos. Open air photo booths are popular at weddings and other events as it provides greater flexibility and creativity in the photos that are taken. For example, an open air photo booth allows for larger groups of people to be in the photos as there is no physical enclosure.  Open air photo booths also allow for a greater range of backdrops and settings due to its compact and portable design. 


An open air photo booth is a fun and interactive addition to wedding receptions or any event, and it is sure to be a hit with guests of all ages!

Lux mirror booth against a white background.  The Lux mirror booth is also known as a Magic Mirror photo booth or simply a mirror booth.

The Lux Mirror Booth is a modern twist on the traditional photo booth. It uses a mirrored surface equipped with a high-quality camera to capture dynamic photos of your family and friends. The Lux mirror booth also allows users to apply filters and effects, sign their photos and print or share the images on social media. Mirror booths are  easy to use and requires minimal setup. The mirror and camera can also be easily transported, making it a convenient option for outdoor or destination weddings. 


The Lux mirror booth is the centerpiece of any event and always adds a fun an interactive element to any event.

360 video platform against a white background.  The 360 video platform is also known as a 360 photo booth.

A 360 video platform allows guests to create fully immersive, 360-degree videos at any event. These videos are produced using specialized cameras and software which capture the your guests and the ambiance surrounding them from all angles.  The result is a high-quality slow-motion video that is sure to be remembered.  Guests can view their video on a computer or mobile device and share with friends and family on social media.  A 360 video platform is an excellent option for venues with stunning vistas, such a beautiful garden, lakeside terrace or country estate.

A 360 video platform is certain to be a hit at your next event!

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